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    Co-Terminal FAQ's


    1. When do I apply?

      Co-terminal applications must be submitted before the end of applicants’ 1st semester of the senior year. Applicants must have 90 credits (in progress or earned) of coursework towards their undergraduate degree (101 credits for Architecture students).

      Application is available online at Co-Terminal Program Application

    2. Where do I find a Plan of Study?

      The Plan of Study is available on-line at the Office of Graduate Education website Plan of Study Form.

    3. What if the courses I list on the Plan of Study change?

      If the courses listed change, an updated plan must be filed with your Department, the Office of Graduate Education, and the Office of the Registrar.

    Financial Aid, Tuition and Fees

    1. Can I receive both Undergraduate Financial Aid and Graduate TA/RA aid?

      No - If you receive a Graduate TA/RA you are no longer eligible for undergraduate financial aid or the co-terminal program.

    2. Do I have to file a FAFSA for my 5th year to get the Undergraduate aid?

      Yes - you must file a FAFSA, if you receive need based aid

    3. I have a TA from my department. Do I need to notify anyone?

      Yes - You must apply and be accepted to a traditional Master’s or PhD program to be awarded a TA. Careful coordination is required with the Graduate Admissions and Registrar’s Offices to ensure that you properly withdraw from the co-terminal program and apply for traditional graduate study.p>

    4. As a co-terminal student will I be eligible to receive a fifth year of NY state grants and scholarships, such as the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)?

      No - You are only eligible for 4 years of such payments.


    1. When/how does a student get assigned a graduate adviser?

      Co-terminal students will continue to work with their undergraduate adviser and should contact their department to be assigned a graduate advisor.

    2. How many credits will I be eligible to register for?

      Students should be following the plan of study which was developed with their adviser and approved by the Office of Graduate Education. Students who are taking mostly graduate level courses should be registering for what is considered a full load for graduate students, 15 credits. If the student is still completing some undergraduate courses, then 16-18 credits may be appropriate.

    3. Can I become a part-time student in the Co-Terminal Program?

      Co-terminal student must remain as full time students and cannot shift to part-time status.

    4. Should I apply for my undergraduate degree if I will be registered into an 11th semester?

      If you are continuing into an 11th semester, you will no longer be eligible for undergraduate aid. You should apply for your bachelor's degree at that point.

    5. When do I receive my BS degree? I was supposed to graduate in May 2010 but I will be completing 2 more semester to receive my Master's degree under the co-terminal program?

      You will receive both degrees at the end of your 10th semester. You should file a degree application with the Office of the registrar for each degree at the beginning of the semester in which you will actually graduate with both degrees. See the academic calendar for deadline information.

    6. Can I use a course for both my undergraduate and graduate degree?

      No - credits applied to satisfying requirements of the undergraduate degree cannot be used to satisfy the requirements for the master's degree.

    7. I have decided not to continue my studies in the co-terminal program. How do I receive my BS degree?

      You must first, formally withdraw from the co-terminal program. This is done using the Graduate Student Request for Change of Status form.
      You must then file a Degree Application for the next graduation date. Rensselaer has three official graduation dates - the end of August, the end of December, and mid-May. Check the academic calendar for application submission deadlines.

    8. Can I still designate courses as Pass/No Credit?

      Co-terminal students are subject to graduate degree program guidelines after they've earned the minimum number of credits required for their bachelors degree (which will range from 124 to 128 depending on the School). Any courses taken after a student has reached the minimum, will be subject to graduate level policies, and graduate policies prohibit designating a graduate course as Pass/No Credit.

    9. Can I participate in the Commencement ceremony with my class?

      You must meet the criteria for participation and file a petition, available in the Registrar's Office.